The Black Dragon (Two short stories)

The Black Dragon
Does not feature actual dragons…

We here at MojoFiction must occasionally write some fiction.  It just makes sense.  So we’ve been doing just that while we took a long summer session of R&R and all of you out there had to work real jobs.

Now available in eBook format on Amazon, MojoFiction presents The Black Dragon, a collection of two short stories about crime. (Can two stories constitute a collection? We thinks so. We’re calling Guinness right now because we’re pretty that’s a record.)


Journalist Tim Wainright does well enough covering crime in his city. But when the head of an organization he’s investigating has him brought in for a friendly talk, Tim finds himself facing an unexpected life-or-death situation. He only has one hope to make it out alive. He must play the black dragon…

This book also includes the short story “The Hallstrohm Perspective.”


Kathryn Denau has no desire to set foot on the Blue Orion, an orbiting luxury resort. She hates space. But a killer may be on board, orchestrating violence on Earth from the comfort and security of the massive space station. Everything else has gone wrong in Kathryn’s life lately, does she really think this time will be any different?

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