On Racism

The only part I’m hazy about is the year. I think it was 1995. The location was the town of Warrensburg, Missouri, where I attended what is now called the University of Central Missouri. The town is not near Ferguson and the recent issues they've been having there, but at that time it was only... Continue Reading →

To Infinity…

We here at MojoFiction own a telescope. It’s nothing fancy, a Celestron “Astromaster 70AZ,” meaning the aperture is 70mm. It’s a refractor telescope (as opposed to using a Newtonian reflector), so you’re not going to see distant galaxies with it or super-sharp detail, but our local solar system easily is in play. We originally bought... Continue Reading →

In Which We Discover Time Travel While Simultaneously Disproving the Existence of Time and, Therefore, Proving that Men are Smarter than Women

Ever wonder why Doctor Who (the smartest guy in the universe) always has a female companion, but he never has a relationship with her? That's right, modesty. But let us explain.  See, this whole thing really began when we accidentally discovered time travel. And, unlike Hot Tub Time Machine (or Doctor Who for that matter), this really... Continue Reading →

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