So, there was MojoFiction, a lone Stormtrooper standing atop an ice-encrusted rise on Hoth, surveying the battlefield below. Rebel scum relentlessly assaulted a relentless Imperial defense of an uplink station that could be used to call down Y-Wing bombers, probably relentlessly, to weaken the two AT-AT walkers that lumbered  across the ravine in an effort... Continue Reading →

Poorly Drawn Lines (a book review)

I'm not sure it's fair to classify this as a book review. Poorly Drawn Lines is really a web comic that became so good that its midichlorian count flew off the charts and it became self-aware, resulting in the spontaneous conception of a physical publication that manifested itself in my local Barnes and Noble. Whether... Continue Reading →

BLUE RIDGE, BLACK HEART (a book review)

Novel by Geraldine Powell Morgan Pike is a private investigator. She should be a defense attorney, protecting the rights of her occasionally innocent, but usually guilty, clientele for hundreds of dollars an hour. Unfortunately, seeing her law license suspended for 4 years has taken her down another road. Now she spends much of her time... Continue Reading →

The Water Travelers (a book review)

Disclaimer: The author of this book contacted me via my WordPress site and requested a book review. I said sure, but I bought my own copy with my own hard-earned money. So there you go. Consider yourself informed. The official title of this book is, The Water Travelers: Heir of the Unknown. It's the first... Continue Reading →

Labyrinth (a book review)

Labyrinth, by author Kate Mosse, came out way back in 2005 (for you young people, that's Y2K+5). There had already been quite the rain of books about quests for the Holy Grail or Templar treasure and whatever "shocking" revelation about religion or history was about to be revealed. That probably wouldn't have been a big... Continue Reading →

Life Itself (a book review)

I've been slowly reading Life Itself for months, one chapter at a time, usually late in the evening. I didn't take my time because the book is boring or confusing, or because it isn't compelling. I took my time because this book demands it. This trip down someone else's memory lane isn't for the trivia nut. It's... Continue Reading →

Anti-Social Media (a book review)

The novel Anti-Social Media, by first-time author Kate Beth Heywood, describes itself as "savagely funny." In its own unique way, that statement is entirely true. But let's get to that later. First, what is this novel about? Constance Anderson is a young woman living out her dreams in the UK. In other words, she is an aspiring screenwriter with no screenplay... Continue Reading →

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