Life Itself (a book review)

I've been slowly reading Life Itself for months, one chapter at a time, usually late in the evening. I didn't take my time because the book is boring or confusing, or because it isn't compelling. I took my time because this book demands it. This trip down someone else's memory lane isn't for the trivia nut. It's... Continue Reading →


VERILY, A NEW HOPE This is a real book. Seriously. We here at MojoFiction couldn’t believe it either. Shakespeare AND Star Wars together? Break out the paper bags because we’re hyperventilating from too much excitement due to overexposure to a geek fantasy unlike any other. Sci-fi nuts, historians, and your college English professor together in... Continue Reading →

Roger Ebert Rolls the Credits

Right now a thousand bloggers and journalists and maybe even some celebrities are pounding away at their keyboards in an effort to post some kind of memorial on Chicago film critic Roger Ebert. Me too. Not that I have a leg to stand on. I never met Mr. Ebert. I only watched his show and read... Continue Reading →

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