Hint: it’s not C

And now, a mindless waste of time.

Yesterday, when we were supposed to be working (but we were goofing off instead), the staff here at MojoFiction ran across some interesting quotes across the webiverse and we thought we would throw them out there in the form of a quiz, to see if you pay attention to the same largely pointless things that we pay attention to.  Please note, you don’t have to click on any links, we have provided them because that’s where we read the quote.

Question #1: This quote is about what?

They’re never going to get rid of them faster than I can rub them.

A. Shoes – from that guy in the train station who runs that shoe-shine shop.

B. Baseballs – because that makes a lot of sense.

C. Sheep.

Here’s where we read it!

Question #2: What recreational activity is this referring to?

There’s one thing you need to remember: HF is really, really dangerous!

A. High Frequency Trading – it’s all fun and games until a trader loses a toe.

B. Cooking meth – hey, it’s recreational in Missouri.

C. The Honda Fury – Honda’s latest motorcycle creation destined to be ignored.

Here’s where we read it!

Question #3: Who said this?

When we have conversations they are candid, they are blunt, often times they are constructive.

A. MojoFiction – talking about his dog.

B. Barack Obama – because we all know politics is constructive about one-third of the time.

C. That person upstairs from your apartment who you are pretty sure lives alone – talking about who knows what (or who knows who for that matter).

Here’s where we read it!

(Two quotes for one) Question #4: Who said the following two quotes?

It’s good to get that first one out of the way.

It means I’m getting old.

A. Any political figure by way of New York in the last 5 years.

B. A-Rod – we won’t say why.

C. An actor in that new Cialis commercial.

Here’s where we read it!

Question #5: He’s doing what now?

He’s … letting the bathead go and driving balls.

A. You know what?

B. Let’s skip this one.

C. For obvious reasons.

D. It’s clearly about baseball.

Here’s where we read it!

Question #6: What does?

It starts with the tale of the lovelorn agave farmer…

A. A story about question #1.

B. Guacamelee! the video game.

C. Only the best fairy tales.

Here’s where we read it!

Question #7: Say what?

Discovering who I’m not has led me to fully and finally understand who I really am.

A: MojoFiction has discovered that he isn’t a billionaire, playboy, quarterback, yacht-owning, male supermodel. Great, like we really wanted to understand that.

B. Amelia Earhart isn’t … Amelia Earhart.

C. Twitter – on becoming a conscious entity and realizing that the world has been using it for broadcasting questionable pictures to the internet instead of creating world peace, as originally intended, per Twitter’s business plan.

Here’s where we read it!

Question #8: What are they referring to?

It’s not expanding outward so we’re just watching it to see if it’s sinking downward.

A. Lindsay Lohan. (that was probably too easy, and we apologize)

B. A sinkhole called in Florida.

C. Network television.

Here’s where we read it!

And now, the answers!

If you read this far, we can only apologize profusely.  Anyway, as per usual, all the answers were B.

Thank you.  Now go back to work.

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