2017 Reviewed!

2017 is officially in the rearview mirror, which means it’s that time of year again, when the underworked and overpaid staff here at MojoFiction answer important questions from our readers about things and stuff that happened in the past year. Questions ranged across many subject matters, so we picked the best of the best. On... Continue Reading →


We here at MojoFiction decided it was high time we started playing disc golf. We decided it after our brother-in-law wouldn’t quit talking about it and then his wife wouldn’t stop talking about it and since, if you’ve followed the lineage, his wife is MojoFiction’s sister, we had to respond lest we lose another battle... Continue Reading →


Bear with us, this is going somewhere. [1] Amidst the horde of books MojoFiction has either received or bought for our son during the early years, there was one title that stood out, “If You Give a Pig a Pancake.” It’s a funny little book about the improbable chain of events that would happen if... Continue Reading →

And Now #2: We Have No Shame

A while back, we here at MojoFiction promised some good old-fashioned shameless self-promotion. We don't want to disappoint. Now that our debut novel is finally available everywhere it's going to get for the moment, we thought we'd take some time to offer up two brief excerpts. You may recall that the story is about a... Continue Reading →

MojoFiction Presents: Free Stuff!

Laughter is the Best Medicine Placebo or not, MojoFiction believes entirely in the healing powers of laughter. At the very least, it makes people in the office wonder what you're up to. (We're assuming you work for Yahoo! and are, therefore, not laughing at home...) With that in mind, MojoFiction is pleased to announce our... Continue Reading →

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