Starbucks + Oprah = Enlightenment

We here at MojoFiction frequent Starbucks.  Don’t judge us.  It’s a choice, not an addiction.  We can quit whenever we want, which will be never ever ever, or until something trendier comes along. When we visit Starbucks we usually order a simple iced Chai Tea Latte (tall).  We like this drink a lot because we... Continue Reading →

The Memorial Day That Was

The weather in Chicagoland wasn’t up to snuff this Memorial Day weekend. After all, it’s all about the barbecue. But rain has a tougher time keeping you inside on Memorial Day weekend than just about any other weekend. Case in point, on Sunday a friend of mine, who thoughtfully lives over an hour away, had planned... Continue Reading →

TIME Should Have Called It One-Hundred and One

Time magazine just released their 100 most influential people on planet Earth and, once again, after thumbing through the issue at the book store and not bothering to actually buy it, we realized that we are not in it.  Again. Never mind the short-sightedness of Time's decision to only include people on this planet, the point is WE'RE... Continue Reading →

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