MojoFiction Presents: Free Stuff!

Free Stuff

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Placebo or not, MojoFiction believes entirely in the healing powers of laughter. At the very least, it makes people in the office wonder what you’re up to. (We’re assuming you work for Yahoo! and are, therefore, not laughing at home…)

With that in mind, MojoFiction is pleased to announce our inaugural edition of Free Stuff!

Not that you haven’t been reading for free already (shame on you), but we think your reading could be even free-er (or whatever).

Now available for free in a slew of electronic formats on Smashwords, is a short story called “Untitled: A Fairy Tale.”


Here is a quick overview of the story:

“When Princess Amber disappears suddenly while playing in the Forbidden Garden, it’s up to Prince Andrew to rescue her … ten years later. Okay, so he’s a little slow. Surely the princess won’t hold it against him. Right?”

We said it was quick.  What?  Not enough?  Okay, here’s some more:

“Untitled: A Fairy Tale is the farcical tale of a spoiled princess and the adventures of the brave knight-to-be prince who would one day rescue her from her evil captors. Braving fearsome kitties, triple-threat dragons, and zombie groupies, our hero will have to work really hard if he wants to save the girl and preserve his dignity. Really hard.”


“Untitled: A Fairy Tale” was actually written some time ago, but we didn’t know what to do with it.  It was too short for a book and too long for a magazine. Here it is in all it’s glory. However, it should be noted that this story has zero redeeming social value. It is entirely a farce meant to make readers laugh out loud and wonder what we were smoking when we wrote it. If you don’t burst out laughing at least once, we promise to return the hard-earned money you paid to read it.

If you don’t read it, we promise to wonder why you wouldn’t read free stuff.  And wonder we will…


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