Doorways to Arkomo (a book review)

Doorways To Arkomo - Book One of The Spirit Oak's Gift Eleven-year-old Sorel stays hidden. She lives in the prince’s keep in the heart of Arkomo with the one-hundred princes – princes who are destined to fulfill the prophecy every one hundred years that ushers in a new era of kingship. But Sorel is a girl... Continue Reading →

The Girl from I.T. – A Novel

We here at MojoFiction have been hard at work for the last couple of months preparing our new novel for publication. We’re done and we have officially published The Girl from I.T.  Here’s what it’s all about. Drum roll! (You’ll have to imagine it since you’re reading a blog. Trust us, we got this guy called... Continue Reading →

2312 (a book review)

Science Fiction comes in a lot of flavors.  However, you can usually break it down into two main categories: space opera and hard science fiction.  Having trouble telling the difference between the two?  Here’s a simple test.  Is the book several hundred pages longer than it needs to be?  If so, it was probably written... Continue Reading →

Secrets in Stone (a book review)

Joyce Manning lives a lonely life in Chicago. She’s an old-fashioned girl in many ways and she doesn’t have many friends. She doesn’t own a computer or a cell phone. The one man she’s interested in isn’t particularly interested in women. When the unthinkable happens and she’s assaulted in her own apartment, she desperately wants... Continue Reading →

The Queen’s Agent (a book review)

Recently, we here at MojoFiction tuned into ESPN’s Mike and Mike on the radio. They had Mike Lupica on the line and they were discussing his new book. The first thing Mike Lupica said about his book was “It was so much fun to write that character,” referring to the protagonist. In our opinion (which you... Continue Reading →

The Black Box (a book review)

We here at MojoFiction like a good mystery novel now and again. They are usually better than the procedural fare on television these days and, to be honest, we don’t think we could ever write one, so we’re constantly entertained by the likes of Jeffery Deaver, Robert Crais, and Michael Connelly. Unfortunately, we think that... Continue Reading →

THE HOUSE OF SILK (a book review)

A Sherlock Holmes Joint We here at MojoFiction have quickly blown through several books lately (that’s about several more than usual), so we’re really proud of ourselves and we thought we’d post an extra book report or two. We've been reading some heady stuff lately in the department of science, philosophy, and history, so this... Continue Reading →


VERILY, A NEW HOPE This is a real book. Seriously. We here at MojoFiction couldn’t believe it either. Shakespeare AND Star Wars together? Break out the paper bags because we’re hyperventilating from too much excitement due to overexposure to a geek fantasy unlike any other. Sci-fi nuts, historians, and your college English professor together in... Continue Reading →

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