Ah, Children-ness (or, Darn You Doctor Who!)


Ah, kids.

We here at MojoFiction like kids.  We have one of our own.

One of the great pleasures of parenting has been teaching our child to read.  We started off with the basics, new versions of old stuff like the Dick and Jane stories (“See Spot eat all of Jane’s ice cream while Dick points and laughs”, or something like that – we don’t remember), then moved on to picture books with Star Wars themes or Transformers, and then to Junie B. Jones, and eventually War and Peace (we thought a seven year-old might appreciate the classics, but apparently not).

Thankfully, all this experience has led our offspring to become an avid reader, even at such a young age.  So we take him to the local bookstore on a regular basis.  To our surprise he gravitated immediately to non-fiction books. His brain has developed a voracious appetite for learning new things, and not imaginary things, real things.  We tried to get him to read A-Z Mysteries or the Magic Tree House, but he would rather read through books about ancient Egypt, the Civil War, the first presidents of the United States, almost anything of historical value.  Granted, the books have a lot of pictures in them, but still, we think it’s pretty cool.

So, of course, to nurture these newfound interests, MojoFiction has helped him build up a little library of books on all these subjects.  Naturally, these books are strewn all over the house, ending up in places that don’t seem possible, like the shower.  But at least they’re being used.

Or they were.  Suddenly something changed.  But what happened?  It turns out children have this weird mechanism where they can suddenly move on to something new and know everything about it before you’ve even heard of it.

Here’s what went down:

Recently MojoFiction decided to take the kiddo for an evening outing to the bookstore, where he could leaf through some magazines or read up about the great pyramids while his parental figure indulged in an overpriced coffee drink.  We immediately headed towards the children’s section and the history books.  Suddenly, the young lad veered off towards the adult fiction section, looking for Science Fiction.  Whoa, there!  What’s this all about?

The young lad replied, “I like Doctor Who now.”

To which we replied, “Now?”


“It’s not non-fiction you know.”

“I know.”

“Why do you like Doctor Who?”

“Because it’s awesome.”  He said this like everyone knows except us.

“But…Really?  Doctor Who?”


“The Doctor Who that’s been running since the sixties and has more episodes, toys, books, and comic books than anyone could possibly watch, own, or read?  And if they actually did it would cause a paradox that ripped a hole in the universe?”

“Yeah!  How many of these books can we get?”


And did MojoFiction buy books, download episodes, buy a Sonic Screwdriver, and get exterminated by the Daleks?

We’d better not say.  But our wallet died a quick death and was officially buried on Sunday.

Ah, kids.

We here at MojoFiction like kids.

We’ll like them more when they can start earning their own money.

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