Encouraging Writing

We at MojoFiction are pretty new to this blogging thing.  We’ve wanted to get to it for a while because sometimes it feels like our brain never stops until we have a long conversation about whatever it was we couldn’t stop thinking about.  This annoys our friends.  Anyway, we finally got to it and our relationships have much improved.

One of the first bloggers out there to view one of our posts was maggiemaeijustsaythis.  Naturally, we checked out her site to see what her story in life is.  The staff at MojoFiction is certainly interested in writing and it turns out she’s an accomplished writer.

Reading some of her material, we realized the vivid imagery she employs reminds us of one our siblings.  He writes rhyming poetry in a way that always seems to work.  It tends towards the darker side, with an economy of words carefully selected to bring about mood, images, and emotions that gently ebb across the rhythms of his verse.*  We’ve asked him time and again to find some way to publish his work, even if it’s just self-published or on a blog, but he never has.  It’s a loss, we think, for people who might have experienced it.

The building mass of independently published works out there make getting noticed more difficult every day, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying.  So encourage those yet-to-be-heard voices and don’t let the jungle of the internet and the publishing world stop them!

Of course, we decided to follow the maggiemaeijustsaythis blog and we hope she doesn’t mind us writing about it.  We’re noobs.  That’s our excuse.

*We have no idea what this means

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