BREAKING NEWS – DON’T GO INTO THE OFFICE (we mean our office, not yours)

Okay, so we here at MojoFiction were going to post a blog entry explaining how we literally unlocked the secret to unlimited, clean automobile fuel, like, just 15 minutes ago, but then we stumbled on a major medical breakthrough that will allow us to live to 162 while looking and feeling like we’re 30. But all of that has been put on hold thanks to a thoughtless co-worker who pranked our office here in Chicago, apparently after we left on Friday.

Okay, so really it was a revenge prank, but in our defense, our original prank was strictly low-level stuff. Our co-worker, who we’ll code-name “Jerkface,” leaves his workout pants in his office all week on top of a cabinet, where they stink up the place. So we filled his pants with peanuts (with the shells still on).  Then we crushed the shells through the pants until they ground into the material.  When he grabbed his pants, you could hear the deluge of cascading peanut pieces all the way down the hall. And what a mess! Anyway, it’s mostly funny because of a long-running peanut prank feud, which we won’t get into, but we absolutely didn’t start, excepting for the fact that we did start it.

So, when we walked into our office today, ready to change the world, we saw that our office had become a man-cave dedicated to Justin Bieber, which, now that we think about it, means it probably shouldn’t be called a man-cave:

Cave Entrance
Finally, my very own office fort!
The inner sanctum
That’s an Applebee’s lunch decoy, if you were wondering…

What’s really annoying is, now we have to change our computer password because, obviously, we can’t use “We’re a Belieber” anymore.

But our co-worker better look out, because Cyber-defender was not amused:

a Sontaran might have been better.

Also, he was fired for complete lack of ability to do his job. We just assumed a Cyberman would kick some butt.  Apparently not.

So please don’t stop by our office until we’ve cleaned up the mess. And watch your backs. Co-workers are vengeful people.

C’mon, they were just peanuts.

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