Here’s a fun little craft-y kinda thing from some of the staff at MojoFiction (okay, it was our administrative assistant [1]).

Are you the kind of person with a couple of cute little offspring that the grandparents are constantly nagging you to bring around for a visit more often?  Sure, you’d like to, but something always seems to be getting in the way…

Here’s something you can do to show the grandparents that you value their love of grandkids AND buy yourself some leeway on those visits:

Grandchild Business Cards!

Yup, we said it.  Business Cards.

Your kids can hand them out at birthday parties or mail them to grandma in a Mother’s Day card or whatever other creative ideas you have.

Here’s something we put together for the grandparents that went over pretty well. You can make these in Microsoft Word or, if you’re fancy, InDesign or Photoshop, or a great many other programs. (Note: we’ve replaced our own personal information with phony Calvin and Hobbes info and added that blue gradient border for effect).


Not valid ID for international travel


We’re pretty sure the grandparents are going to immediately put this in their wallet/purse and show it everyone at church, or wherever they like to go on the weekends.  (Our parents like the casino…)

So now you’ve done something thoughtful for your parents (aka “The Grandparents”), and gotten them off your back for not coming around last weekend.  Now they won’t bother you on Friday to see if you might be coming around with the kids on Saturday.  They’ll wait until Saturday morning to bother you.

But you were going to go anyway, right?


1. Administrative assistant does not exist (see About page).

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