MojoFiction Does the Masters

The last thing golf needs is more excitement. Right? If you've been watching the Masters this week at Augusta National Golf Club, you know what we're talking about. Between the internet cats hiding in Rae's Creek...: And the sand alligators: And  the beautiful hole 12 in Amen Corner, aptly named "Venus Fly Trap": ...we think the Masters... Continue Reading →

THE KEEPER (a book review)

Readers of MojoFiction know how I feel about books in a series (see Jack Reacher and the Case of the Plug-and-Play Plot). John Lescroart hits a few of those marks. On the other hand, it's a pretty fun mystery, and isn't that why we read these things? Smoke and Mirrors Hal Chase works as a... Continue Reading →

The River Bride (a book review)

A good location is like another character. An author that successfully brings that location to life, with the nuances and layers they would afford the human players in their story, can hook you in before you realize it. Set in the village of Stollerton, in the forested Gatineau Hills area of rural Quebec, Canada, The... Continue Reading →

Suspect (a book review)

"I won’t leave you." Therein lies the emotional thread running through the Robert Crais novel, Suspect, a story about an LAPD officer trying to recover from the traumatic loss of his partner and finding an unexpected source of healing in his new position in the department’s K-9 unit. I recently railed on thrillers that have... Continue Reading →

VIRGINIA’S GHOST (a book review)

Virginia Blythe is an antiques specialist at Gable & Co., an auction house in Toronto, Canada. While working alone late one night at the auction house, she hears a ghostly wailing from the dark corners of the basement. It’s not the first time someone has heard voices from the basement, but the last one who... Continue Reading →

Peyton Manning Lifts Us Up Where We Belong

WARNING!!! THIS ARTICLE IS SUPER-MANLY AND MAY RESULT IN CHEST HAIR AND THE COMPLETELY ACCIDENTAL THINKING THAT YOUR WIFE HAS NO IDEA WHAT A CIRCULAR SAW IS. (Normally, you wouldn't think that, but that's what happens when you're feeling manly. She knows this and so she's pretending she doesn't know what a circular thingywhatever is,... Continue Reading →

JOHNNY HIRO (a graphic novel review)

We here at MojoFiction are always looking out for the next big thing, that next cultural phenomenon that's destined to influence tomorrow's generation of young artists and leaders. We do that because we are, of course, cool and hip and young.  And by young we mean don't look at the picture on our about page... Continue Reading →


Okay, so several years ago we here at MojoFiction thought it would be a good idea to cut cable T.V. We have not missed it one bit.  Until last night.  That’s when the hydra to our Hercules reared its multiple heads.  And by hydra we mean NBC.  And by Hercules we mean MojoFiction.  What?  That’s... Continue Reading →

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