September Bells are Ringing

Ah, September.  That magical time of year when Christmas decorations go up in department stores across America!  The good folks at MojoFiction feel bad for atheists.  They already don’t like Christmas, but now, thanks to certain stores that will remain nameless (for instance, we won’t say Macy’s), they have to deal with it starting in... Continue Reading →

Starbucks + Oprah = Enlightenment

We here at MojoFiction frequent Starbucks.  Don’t judge us.  It’s a choice, not an addiction.  We can quit whenever we want, which will be never ever ever, or until something trendier comes along. When we visit Starbucks we usually order a simple iced Chai Tea Latte (tall).  We like this drink a lot because we... Continue Reading →


Location: Chicago Time: 9:35am CST Date: Classified Our Hero: MojoFiction (What? It’s our story and we’re the hero.) Everything you are about to read is true. Ever have one of those days where you feel like you’re sitting around forever, waiting for something exciting to happen? That’s right, they’re called workdays. On this particular workday,... Continue Reading →

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