It’s a three-way battle for Midwest supremacy! As you know, MojoFiction has been trying to take over the tri-state area for years, but a strangely violent platypus keeps thwarting our plans.  So we’ve left that job to someone else and set our sights on Chicago. Unfortunately, it looks like two giants are already duking it... Continue Reading →

The Girl from I.T. – A Novel

We here at MojoFiction have been hard at work for the last couple of months preparing our new novel for publication. We’re done and we have officially published The Girl from I.T.  Here’s what it’s all about. Drum roll! (You’ll have to imagine it since you’re reading a blog. Trust us, we got this guy called... Continue Reading →

Starbucks + Oprah = Enlightenment

We here at MojoFiction frequent Starbucks.  Don’t judge us.  It’s a choice, not an addiction.  We can quit whenever we want, which will be never ever ever, or until something trendier comes along. When we visit Starbucks we usually order a simple iced Chai Tea Latte (tall).  We like this drink a lot because we... Continue Reading →

The Full Chicago Sporting Event Experience

We here at MojoFiction celebrated our 40th birthday on Friday night by crying ourselves to sleep because we are now old. But we also celebrated by taking in a Chicago Bulls basketball game on Saturday night. Instead of attending the game with our good friend Mr. Jack N. Coke (along with some regular friends, probably),... Continue Reading →

Night at the [Field] Museum

We here at MojoFiction delivered a sweet Christmas present this holiday season when we presented our son with tickets to an overnight at the Field Museum of Natural History here in Chicago, an event for kids age 6-12 and their guardians.  Last Friday we had to deliver on those tickets, which, it never occurred to us, was... Continue Reading →

How to Survive the Holidays

It’s been a long week since this whole thing began last Tuesday. We haven’t even had time to get to this until today. It all started with the lighting of the Christmas tree in Daley Plaza here in Chicago. They lit it two days before Thanksgiving, leading us to believe that Thanksgiving had been cancelled... Continue Reading →


Normally, we here at MojoFiction celebrate everything it means to be a guy in today’s “it’s a war on women” world, including (but not limited to), power tools, fatherhood, sports, being a good father while losing to your son at sports, and wondering aloud why the line is so long as Starbuck’s when all we want... Continue Reading →

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