TIME Should Have Called It One-Hundred and One

Time magazine just released their 100 most influential people on planet Earth and, once again, after thumbing through the issue at the book store and not bothering to actually buy it, we realized that we are not in it.  Again. Never mind the short-sightedness of Time's decision to only include people on this planet, the point is WE'RE... Continue Reading →

Roger Ebert Rolls the Credits

Right now a thousand bloggers and journalists and maybe even some celebrities are pounding away at their keyboards in an effort to post some kind of memorial on Chicago film critic Roger Ebert. Me too. Not that I have a leg to stand on. I never met Mr. Ebert. I only watched his show and read... Continue Reading →

A Blaze of Glory: A Book Review

"To Fiction or to Non-Fiction - that is the question Jeff Shaara does not concern himself with..." - Hamlet, Act 8 - Scene 3 Jeff Shaara pulls off a neat trick with his 2012 book “A Blaze of Glory.” He presents a historical documentation of the civil war battle of Shiloh in the guise of a... Continue Reading →

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