2312 (a book review)

Science Fiction comes in a lot of flavors.  However, you can usually break it down into two main categories: space opera and hard science fiction.  Having trouble telling the difference between the two?  Here’s a simple test.  Is the book several hundred pages longer than it needs to be?  If so, it was probably written... Continue Reading →

The Queen’s Agent (a book review)

Recently, we here at MojoFiction tuned into ESPN’s Mike and Mike on the radio. They had Mike Lupica on the line and they were discussing his new book. The first thing Mike Lupica said about his book was “It was so much fun to write that character,” referring to the protagonist. In our opinion (which you... Continue Reading →

A Blaze of Glory: A Book Review

"To Fiction or to Non-Fiction - that is the question Jeff Shaara does not concern himself with..." - Hamlet, Act 8 - Scene 3 Jeff Shaara pulls off a neat trick with his 2012 book “A Blaze of Glory.” He presents a historical documentation of the civil war battle of Shiloh in the guise of a... Continue Reading →

And Now #2: We Have No Shame

A while back, we here at MojoFiction promised some good old-fashioned shameless self-promotion. We don't want to disappoint. Now that our debut novel is finally available everywhere it's going to get for the moment, we thought we'd take some time to offer up two brief excerpts. You may recall that the story is about a... Continue Reading →

A Brief Encounter With Douglas Adams

If my employer is reading this, I'll probably get fired, but, oh well. Today Google reminded those of us who love internet searches that it's the anniversary of the untimely death of Douglas Adams. Seeing their celebratory doodle reminded me of my one-time encounter with the author.  I say encounter loosely, since the famous author... Continue Reading →

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