Black List (a book review)

It’s hard to be an extra-super, over level 9000 secret agent and do your job properly when a double-extra-super-evil omniscient organization with government ties keeps getting in the way by trying to have you eliminated. But it’s just a day in the life of Scot Harvath, counterterrorism agent and all around swell guy. I make... Continue Reading →

In Which We Fix Gov’t Transparency…

We here at MojoFiction recently decided to throw our hat into the presidential race. You probably saw the announcement on the popular cable news channel, C-SPAN 5 en Español. Anyway, with the NSA's advanced brain-scanning techniques (what, you didn't know? Don't worry, they already knew that you didn't know), we have decided that complete transparency is the only way to go until they... Continue Reading →

I Got Your Inspiring Blogger Right Here…

The crew here at MojoFiction opened up our personal email the other day and found out that the good folks at Bookish ( had gone and done something consistently frowned upon in the free world: they nominated MojoFiction for one of those blogger awards. This is generally considered a bad idea, mostly by PETA and also the internet because... Continue Reading →

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