The King of Sports (a book review)

I categorized this book review under parenting for a reason. It belongs there. A large part of this book focuses on football in America in an academic setting – college and high school. It's valuable information that parent's should keep in their back pocket if they have kids interested in playing sports, especially football. On... Continue Reading →

Peyton Manning Lifts Us Up Where We Belong

WARNING!!! THIS ARTICLE IS SUPER-MANLY AND MAY RESULT IN CHEST HAIR AND THE COMPLETELY ACCIDENTAL THINKING THAT YOUR WIFE HAS NO IDEA WHAT A CIRCULAR SAW IS. (Normally, you wouldn't think that, but that's what happens when you're feeling manly. She knows this and so she's pretending she doesn't know what a circular thingywhatever is,... Continue Reading →


Okay, so several years ago we here at MojoFiction thought it would be a good idea to cut cable T.V. We have not missed it one bit.  Until last night.  That’s when the hydra to our Hercules reared its multiple heads.  And by hydra we mean NBC.  And by Hercules we mean MojoFiction.  What?  That’s... Continue Reading →

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