Moriarty (a book review)

Author Anthony Horowitz makes me upset. Upset that he’s a good writer. Upset for leading me down one path only to blindside me with epic-level plot-twists. Upset for making me think I could figure it all out before he revealed the solution to the central mystery. Did I mention that he’s an Officer of the... Continue Reading →

The Crossing (a book review)

Considering how prolific he is, you would think author Michael Connelly's recurring characters, and especially the stories, would get stale. Okay, he's not James Patterson prolific, but he's also the only one writing his novels (as far as I know). The characters do have some recurring arcs and the occasional dramatic development usually reserved for... Continue Reading →

Never Go Back (a book review)

With the Tom Cruise movie coming out based on this book, I thought it would be worth reviewing for your reading pleasure. Or possible displeasure (just letting you know that up front). Readers may already know how I feel about the Jack Reacher series of novels by Lee Child. Most of the time, the main... Continue Reading →

Twisted Magics (a book review)

First off, I've seen several books with a similar name – make sure you get the right one! Okay, so I’ve sorta been tuned in to the fantasy genre lately, party with books, but also because I watched The Shannara Chronicles on Netflix recently. So I went searching for something interesting and ran into Twisted... Continue Reading →

One Mile Under (a book review)

I've never read anything by Andrew Gross. I was skeptical prior to reading this book because the author had long been one of the multitude of co-writers associated with James Patterson. I was sure I was going to get a 350-page book with 350 individual chapters that came across as if the whole thing had... Continue Reading →

BLUE RIDGE, BLACK HEART (a book review)

Novel by Geraldine Powell Morgan Pike is a private investigator. She should be a defense attorney, protecting the rights of her occasionally innocent, but usually guilty, clientele for hundreds of dollars an hour. Unfortunately, seeing her law license suspended for 4 years has taken her down another road. Now she spends much of her time... Continue Reading →

THE KEEPER (a book review)

Readers of MojoFiction know how I feel about books in a series (see Jack Reacher and the Case of the Plug-and-Play Plot). John Lescroart hits a few of those marks. On the other hand, it's a pretty fun mystery, and isn't that why we read these things? Smoke and Mirrors Hal Chase works as a... Continue Reading →

The River Bride (a book review)

A good location is like another character. An author that successfully brings that location to life, with the nuances and layers they would afford the human players in their story, can hook you in before you realize it. Set in the village of Stollerton, in the forested Gatineau Hills area of rural Quebec, Canada, The... Continue Reading →

Suspect (a book review)

"I won’t leave you." Therein lies the emotional thread running through the Robert Crais novel, Suspect, a story about an LAPD officer trying to recover from the traumatic loss of his partner and finding an unexpected source of healing in his new position in the department’s K-9 unit. I recently railed on thrillers that have... Continue Reading →

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