Okay, so several years ago we here at MojoFiction thought it would be a good idea to cut cable T.V. We have not missed it one bit.  Until last night.  That’s when the hydra to our Hercules reared its multiple heads.  And by hydra we mean NBC.  And by Hercules we mean MojoFiction.  What?  That’s... Continue Reading →

Everything I Needed to Know I Learned From Playing Video Games Until 4 In The Morning and Don’t Try and Tell Me It Wasn’t Worth It Because I Turned Out Perfectly Normal

MojoFiction has a shocking confession to make. We play video games. …Sometimes. Not all the time. Really, we don’t have a problem and we can quit whenever we want. Just let us finish this level first and then we’ll be done. Why are we confessing this marginal sin that only required one Hail Mary and... Continue Reading →

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