VERILY, A NEW HOPE This is a real book. Seriously. We here at MojoFiction couldn’t believe it either. Shakespeare AND Star Wars together? Break out the paper bags because we’re hyperventilating from too much excitement due to overexposure to a geek fantasy unlike any other. Sci-fi nuts, historians, and your college English professor together in... Continue Reading →

In Which We Discover Time Travel While Simultaneously Disproving the Existence of Time and, Therefore, Proving that Men are Smarter than Women

Ever wonder why Doctor Who (the smartest guy in the universe) always has a female companion, but he never has a relationship with her? That's right, modesty. But let us explain.  See, this whole thing really began when we accidentally discovered time travel. And, unlike Hot Tub Time Machine (or Doctor Who for that matter), this really... Continue Reading →


Paul Collins’ true-crime novel delivers just what MojoFiction looks for in a book: a really long title. Officially, the title is The Murder of the Century: The Gilded Age Crime that Scandalized a City & Sparked the Tabloid Wars. We were tempted to quit reading right there, since we were so satisfied with the title.... Continue Reading →

A Blaze of Glory: A Book Review

"To Fiction or to Non-Fiction - that is the question Jeff Shaara does not concern himself with..." - Hamlet, Act 8 - Scene 3 Jeff Shaara pulls off a neat trick with his 2012 book “A Blaze of Glory.” He presents a historical documentation of the civil war battle of Shiloh in the guise of a... Continue Reading →

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