Moriarty (a book review)

Author Anthony Horowitz makes me upset. Upset that he’s a good writer. Upset for leading me down one path only to blindside me with epic-level plot-twists. Upset for making me think I could figure it all out before he revealed the solution to the central mystery. Did I mention that he’s an Officer of the... Continue Reading →

The Yard (a book review)

First thing's first: this is not a book about gardening. So imagine my disappointment as I stood there with a trowel, plants, some fresh soil and zero sense of direction on what to do with it all. Oh, well. I was only disappointed for a moment because The Yard turned out to be fascinating crime... Continue Reading →

THE HOUSE OF SILK (a book review)

A Sherlock Holmes Joint We here at MojoFiction have quickly blown through several books lately (that’s about several more than usual), so we’re really proud of ourselves and we thought we’d post an extra book report or two. We've been reading some heady stuff lately in the department of science, philosophy, and history, so this... Continue Reading →

A Brief Encounter With Douglas Adams

If my employer is reading this, I'll probably get fired, but, oh well. Today Google reminded those of us who love internet searches that it's the anniversary of the untimely death of Douglas Adams. Seeing their celebratory doodle reminded me of my one-time encounter with the author.  I say encounter loosely, since the famous author... Continue Reading →

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