VERILY, A NEW HOPE This is a real book. Seriously. We here at MojoFiction couldn’t believe it either. Shakespeare AND Star Wars together? Break out the paper bags because we’re hyperventilating from too much excitement due to overexposure to a geek fantasy unlike any other. Sci-fi nuts, historians, and your college English professor together in... Continue Reading →


We here at MojoFiction decided it was high time we started playing disc golf. We decided it after our brother-in-law wouldn’t quit talking about it and then his wife wouldn’t stop talking about it and since, if you’ve followed the lineage, his wife is MojoFiction’s sister, we had to respond lest we lose another battle... Continue Reading →

Norman Rockwell, Where Art Thou?

Picture if you will a dark, overcast day in Chicago. Street lamps reflect in small pools of water left over from the rain and a thin mist seems to hang in the air. Our eye takes us downtown, to the intersection of Wacker and LaSalle Street, just over the bridge. Imagine the rain has stopped ten... Continue Reading →

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