E113N – A New Short Story


At only 18 months old, android model number E113N is just figuring herself out. She dreams of the new life that awaits her after the new A.I. protection laws finally pass. When her designer suddenly disappears in a lab accident, his company immediately claims her as their property. She knows they are not interested in her, only her parts. Since the current law is on their side, she should comply. Or she can run….


click here to find it on Amazon!

E113N is currently available on Amazon at the link above. Amazon doesn’t have a discount or coupon system, so from now until I decide to close it (it’s arbitrary), if you send a request through my contact page, I’ll be happy to supply you with a complimentary copy. If you write an unbiased review after reading it, I would appreciate it.  No pressure.

The copy will be the Kindle format.



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