Invasion of the Bing Searches (in 3D)

Ever have one of those moments where you bring up Internet Explorer, type in a web address, and instead of taking you to the website it brings up a Bing search? You double-check your browser and see that, yes, you typed in the address correctly? Well, there must be something wrong with you because that has never... Continue Reading →

In Which We Fix Gov’t Transparency…

We here at MojoFiction recently decided to throw our hat into the presidential race. You probably saw the announcement on the popular cable news channel, C-SPAN 5 en Español. Anyway, with the NSA's advanced brain-scanning techniques (what, you didn't know? Don't worry, they already knew that you didn't know), we have decided that complete transparency is the only way to go until they... Continue Reading →

Life Itself (a book review)

I've been slowly reading Life Itself for months, one chapter at a time, usually late in the evening. I didn't take my time because the book is boring or confusing, or because it isn't compelling. I took my time because this book demands it. This trip down someone else's memory lane isn't for the trivia nut. It's... Continue Reading →

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