The River Bride (a book review)

A good location is like another character. An author that successfully brings that location to life, with the nuances and layers they would afford the human players in their story, can hook you in before you realize it. Set in the village of Stollerton, in the forested Gatineau Hills area of rural Quebec, Canada, The... Continue Reading →

Suspect (a book review)

"I won’t leave you." Therein lies the emotional thread running through the Robert Crais novel, Suspect, a story about an LAPD officer trying to recover from the traumatic loss of his partner and finding an unexpected source of healing in his new position in the department’s K-9 unit. I recently railed on thrillers that have... Continue Reading →

On Racism

The only part I’m hazy about is the year. I think it was 1995. The location was the town of Warrensburg, Missouri, where I attended what is now called the University of Central Missouri. The town is not near Ferguson and the recent issues they've been having there, but at that time it was only... Continue Reading →

The King of Sports (a book review)

I categorized this book review under parenting for a reason. It belongs there. A large part of this book focuses on football in America in an academic setting – college and high school. It's valuable information that parent's should keep in their back pocket if they have kids interested in playing sports, especially football. On... Continue Reading →

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