VIRGINIA’S GHOST (a book review)

Virginia Blythe is an antiques specialist at Gable & Co., an auction house in Toronto, Canada. While working alone late one night at the auction house, she hears a ghostly wailing from the dark corners of the basement. It’s not the first time someone has heard voices from the basement, but the last one who... Continue Reading →

Peyton Manning Lifts Us Up Where We Belong

WARNING!!! THIS ARTICLE IS SUPER-MANLY AND MAY RESULT IN CHEST HAIR AND THE COMPLETELY ACCIDENTAL THINKING THAT YOUR WIFE HAS NO IDEA WHAT A CIRCULAR SAW IS. (Normally, you wouldn't think that, but that's what happens when you're feeling manly. She knows this and so she's pretending she doesn't know what a circular thingywhatever is,... Continue Reading →

JOHNNY HIRO (a graphic novel review)

We here at MojoFiction are always looking out for the next big thing, that next cultural phenomenon that's destined to influence tomorrow's generation of young artists and leaders. We do that because we are, of course, cool and hip and young.  And by young we mean don't look at the picture on our about page... Continue Reading →

And Now: Breast Cancer Action Month

It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I am a little confused. Okay, I’m a guy, so maybe that helped. It started with one of those Internet Lists that websites love to put up because they get lots of clicks. This one was on MSN Health and was called: “15 Worst Things You Can Say to... Continue Reading →

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