Okay, so several years ago we here at MojoFiction thought it would be a good idea to cut cable T.V. We have not missed it one bit.  Until last night.  That’s when the hydra to our Hercules reared its multiple heads.  And by hydra we mean NBC.  And by Hercules we mean MojoFiction.  What?  That’s... Continue Reading →

An Apple a Day Will Give You U2

When it comes to our blog, MojoFiction isn't exactly a current events kind of guy.  Except for that celebrity-nude-photos-in-the-cloud hacking scandal.  We're keeping a close eye on that one (too close, according the district attorney).  And now comes the Apple – U2 free-album scandal.  Only in America could receiving free stuff be looked at with scorn. ... Continue Reading →

September Bells are Ringing

Ah, September.  That magical time of year when Christmas decorations go up in department stores across America!  The good folks at MojoFiction feel bad for atheists.  They already don’t like Christmas, but now, thanks to certain stores that will remain nameless (for instance, we won’t say Macy’s), they have to deal with it starting in... Continue Reading →

The Black Dragon (Two short stories)

We here at MojoFiction must occasionally write some fiction.  It just makes sense.  So we've been doing just that while we took a long summer session of R&R and all of you out there had to work real jobs. Now available in eBook format on Amazon, MojoFiction presents The Black Dragon, a collection of two... Continue Reading →

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