The Yard (a book review)

First thing's first: this is not a book about gardening. So imagine my disappointment as I stood there with a trowel, plants, some fresh soil and zero sense of direction on what to do with it all. Oh, well. I was only disappointed for a moment because The Yard turned out to be fascinating crime... Continue Reading →

I Got Your Inspiring Blogger Right Here…

The crew here at MojoFiction opened up our personal email the other day and found out that the good folks at Bookish ( had gone and done something consistently frowned upon in the free world: they nominated MojoFiction for one of those blogger awards. This is generally considered a bad idea, mostly by PETA and also the internet because... Continue Reading →


It’s a three-way battle for Midwest supremacy! As you know, MojoFiction has been trying to take over the tri-state area for years, but a strangely violent platypus keeps thwarting our plans.  So we’ve left that job to someone else and set our sights on Chicago. Unfortunately, it looks like two giants are already duking it... Continue Reading →

Who Watches the Bird Watchers?

Just this past weekend we here at MojoFiction finally pulled ourselves out of the gym and went for an outdoor run. Naturally, there is a big difference between exercising on a treadmill and taking the workout outdoors. First of all, there are more ticks outside and, honestly, a lot more goose poop. Why would there... Continue Reading →

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