Maybe Alfred Hitchcock Was On To Something…

In completely true-story movie The Birds, the title creatures sit around minding their own business and then, just when you get comfortable, they attack you in droves, causing a lot of screaming and running around and it makes your vision turn black and white. Nowadays, with the threat of mass bird attacks mostly gone, America faces... Continue Reading →

The Black Box (a book review)

We here at MojoFiction like a good mystery novel now and again. They are usually better than the procedural fare on television these days and, to be honest, we don’t think we could ever write one, so we’re constantly entertained by the likes of Jeffery Deaver, Robert Crais, and Michael Connelly. Unfortunately, we think that... Continue Reading →

Nature Trail of DOOM!

Weird Al Yankovic once recorded a song called "Nature Trail to Hell", a tune about a fictional movie about a group of Cub Scouts going for a hike who are terrorized by over-protective parents who think their kid clearly would have sold more popcorn if the neighbor's brat hadn’t gone to every house in the... Continue Reading →

Dog: Perro

I was born in the town of Pueblo in the great state of Colorado. My childhood house was on East 19th Street, though I can’t remember the exact address, so I’ll just assume it was the best house on the block. Across the street, a huge park ran the length of the block, with highway... Continue Reading →

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