Bear with us, this is going somewhere. [1] Amidst the horde of books MojoFiction has either received or bought for our son during the early years, there was one title that stood out, “If You Give a Pig a Pancake.” It’s a funny little book about the improbable chain of events that would happen if... Continue Reading →

And Now #2: We Have No Shame

A while back, we here at MojoFiction promised some good old-fashioned shameless self-promotion. We don't want to disappoint. Now that our debut novel is finally available everywhere it's going to get for the moment, we thought we'd take some time to offer up two brief excerpts. You may recall that the story is about a... Continue Reading →

A Brief Encounter With Douglas Adams

If my employer is reading this, I'll probably get fired, but, oh well. Today Google reminded those of us who love internet searches that it's the anniversary of the untimely death of Douglas Adams. Seeing their celebratory doodle reminded me of my one-time encounter with the author.  I say encounter loosely, since the famous author... Continue Reading →


Here's a fun little craft-y kinda thing from some of the staff at MojoFiction (okay, it was our administrative assistant [1]). Are you the kind of person with a couple of cute little offspring that the grandparents are constantly nagging you to bring around for a visit more often?  Sure, you'd like to, but something always seems... Continue Reading →


Home is where you hang your hat. Home is where the heart is. Home, home on the range (or something like that). If you’ve perused any of MojoFiction’s blog or website pages, you might have realized that we love nature, specifically the great state of Colorado. We were born there and carry with us fond... Continue Reading →

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