MojoFiction Presents: Free Stuff!

Laughter is the Best Medicine Placebo or not, MojoFiction believes entirely in the healing powers of laughter. At the very least, it makes people in the office wonder what you're up to. (We're assuming you work for Yahoo! and are, therefore, not laughing at home...) With that in mind, MojoFiction is pleased to announce our... Continue Reading →

On Life’s Purpose…

“Look, I’m playing with the snow.” Back in 1984, David Vetter, known at the time as the bubble boy, died in the hospital sometime after a bone-marrow transplant his doctors hoped would finally give him the chance to leave his plastic hospital room and go out into the world. Unfortunately, the donor was not an... Continue Reading →

Encouraging Writing

We at MojoFiction are pretty new to this blogging thing.  We've wanted to get to it for a while because sometimes it feels like our brain never stops until we have a long conversation about whatever it was we couldn't stop thinking about.  This annoys our friends.  Anyway, we finally got to it and our... Continue Reading →

The Book!

The Legend of Gerald Arthur McGuinness Does Santa Claus ride a Harley? Is it okay to post nude pictures of your friends all over town if you tell them it’s for a good cause? And just what is a placenta anyway? These are the hard questions Gerald Arthur McGuinness faces growing up in the small,... Continue Reading →

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